Can I go to the South Pole?

There is no law stopping you from walking to the South Pole. And it has been done.

But apart from the obvious physical challenges, it is set-up to make this as difficult as possible. None of the "Antarctic nations" (those countries with permanent research bases in the Antarctic) will allow you to disembark from your boat at their research stations. None will provide any assistance of any description. If you do get to the South Pole, you won't be allowed to enter the research facility there. They will not help. You will have to walk all the way back, using only resources that you carried to the South Pole.

Why? Because this could turn into a "thing", like climbing Everest or walking the Kokada trail. And 90% of them would get into trouble. So instead of these research facilities actually doing research, they would be rescuing tourists - a very expensive and dangerous exercise in the Antarctic.

So nobody is going to stop you - but nobody is going to help you either. Which makes it very, very difficult.

It wont be easy but about the only restriction is money, and logistics.

If your satisfied with just getting to Antarctica you can just book a onto an Antarctic cruise. The trek to the pole itself is quite arduous. It might be easiest to charter a flight. That again can be quite expensive. There is an outfit in Edmonton that was hired to evacuate an American scientest who came down with a life threatening medicle problem. They went with two aircraft. Twin dehaviland otters. That way there was a backup. They flew from Edmonton to Terra del Fuego. Then across to Antarctic continent and then on to the Pole . The evacuation was a success but you can only imagine the bill.

There are tour companies that will fly you to the South Pole, or take you to Antarctica and help you ski to the South Pole. I think it costs tens of thousands of dollars. Google "south pole tourism" and read all about it.

Yes. Give Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions a call. Keep you cheque book ready.

Yes you can go to the South Pole but if you are a scientist if not there are programs coming for tourists to go to the South Pole.

Yes if you are fit and have the money.

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