Can I learn to cook alone?

yes you can. you can start learning by following recipe from the internet. try to find recipe that easy to follow, such as stir fry/boil/steam or with simple ingredients while building up you knowledge and experience.

once you are comfortable with basic cooking, you can start trying more complex recipe.

sometimes you will get it straight away, sometimes you will fail. but that is part of the learning process.

Absolutely! As long as you have access to a kitchen, and either a cookbook or even better the internet, you can learn to cook.

I basically taught myself to cook and it's never been easier to do so. Resources are easily available- food blogs, youtube, Pinterest, etc. are full of recipes. (Maybe avoid Pinterest until you're more confident in your cooking skills)

Google a dish you want, or search cooking on youtube (or Food Channel episodes). Go onto Pinterest and search for the meal you're cooking for- it'll give you recipes. Just follow those. Anything you don't understand, google- and many recipe sites will have demonstration videos.

Start simple, and experiment! Try new recipes, try combinations you think would work well. Be prepared for failure as well, it's a process.

Good luck and happy cooking!

In short yes, anyone can learn to cook following recipe instructions and a bit of common sense. You have to experiment to a degree in order to learn so sometimes you don't follow a recipe to the letter and substitute things you haven't got handy, but I didn't know how to cook and no-one taught me I learnt by myself. Get yourself some good cookbooks with recipes you like try them out step by step and then if you like it the next stage with the same recipe is to repeat or experiment and try to improve it. When I started cooking I made some good disasters but improved as I went along. Have fun that is the key.

Ofcourse, you CAN! :D
*points self*
you've gotta experiment with all the ingredients :D
trust me, we've got brilliant stuff in our pantries! <3
grab some veggies, spices, oil and those that you find attractive... just try out different combinations :D you'l come out with delicious stuff :D oc, you need some practice tho'! :P

i'm basically a foodie... and i was tired of waiting for my mom to come home and cook for me... and there it all started! i initially experimented with the stuff i could find in the pantry... kept experimenting... started inventing... and trust me, i can now eat my own food (without any fear xD lol )

so, just go... GET STARTED! :D

Of course you can, you have YouTube. Gordan Ramsay has a great YouTube channel for learning. And he is very good at explaining how and why to do certain things.

There's a billion other cooking channels out there but I personally thing Gordan Ramsay's is the best

Yes, just go to Allrecipes | Food, friends, and recipe inspiration And search for recipes you like. Sort them by rating and number of reviews and start with the best one. Read the reviews. Some suggestions for modifying recipe are good.

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