Can I live without getting married?

The question says "Can I live without getting married".
Whether you can live without getting married is up to you. It depends on how badly you need it or don't need it. We will not be able to tell whether you will survive well without marriage or not. That only you can decide and experience.
Don't relate your situations with anyone else. Don't change your mind because someone else has done it.
If you don't want to get married you will have to convey your decision to people who are concerned about you and see you getting married anytime in future. They can be your parents/relatives/gf/bf anyone.
I am a married person and I can tell for sure (and only for myself) that there is nothing which I could have not done without getting married. I care for a person as if I would have done for myself. I think about a person whether she had food on time or not, whether she is getting proper rests or not, whether she is emotionally/mentally/physically happy with me or not, There are N number of things which I do just for one person and that's my wife. The point is that I could have done all these without getting married too but Indian society needs acceptance of a relationship in form of a marriage.

You have not mentioned, what do you think about marriage and why did this question pop in your mind?

Remember, marriage is not only about sharing the same bed. Its sharing your life with ups and downs. Sharing your happiness and sharing the other persons sadness. You should become the sole shoulder when they are sad and want to cry. You should be the sole listener when no one hears whats running in their mind. You should feel incomplete without the other person.

I am not sure whether I answered your question or not, but for sure no one can tell you whether you will be able to live your life till the end without marriage.

I assume everyone needs a person with whom they can open up their heart and mind without being judged. If you have that person and will stay till your last breath, then life is good with you.

At some point, you might see your friends/colleagues/cousins/neighbours getting married and having kids etc. You might feel that you are missing on something. It can be true only if you allow it to. Marraige comes with lots of trust and courage. Trust to build a strong base and courage to continue the relation in whatever situation life throws at you.

If you don't want to get married, don't. But sometimes, some decisions cannot be reversed. Time does not allow it.

All the best for your life.

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