Can I lose 10 kg in a month?

Hi. I'm a doctor and obesity specialist.

1500 calorie/day diet + 60 minutes exercise a day

Either eat under 1000 calories and no exercise

Why: Normal person 2200 calorie a day. You need to be at a 1250 calorie per day deficit

3500 calories is pound

2.5 pounds is 8750 Calories / 7 = 1250

Best foods to eat to stay full on so little calories typically are things that keep you both emotionally and physically satiated. You want to keep the crunch, you want to still have the "I ate" feeling mentally. Drink lots of water.

Cook! Prepare the food yourself. This way you can track the calories. I have free healthy recipes on my site. Watch Her Story -See how Weight Zen changed her life!

Why do you want to lose weight?

I'm half-British, half Chinese and I grew up in Hampstead, England. I come from a very well-to-do family so I never had any food I wanted to eat that my parents could not afford. But unlike many other posh families in England, my parents did not come from money, so they weren't trained in the

Why does a good programmer need to be a good problem solver?

I agree with Abhishek Jain 100%!Let us not forget that we write programs to solve problems and not just for the fun of writing them!  This is something we tend to forget during our academic careers where we write programs simply to fulfill the requirements of an assignment or pass

Can pushup alone build muscle mass for the upper body?

Let me go over this again.... Pushups are not a magical exercise, nor are they an exercise system. You're only using a few muscles, only those involved in making that