Can I lose 10 kgs in fifteen days?

In one word NO given the fact that you stop eating completely.

It may so happen that you can reduce 4–5 kgs in 15 days. But reducing 15kgs is being over-ambitious if that is your aim.

Never try for shortcuts. Always do the healthy way and you will find yourself reaping the benefits for lifetime.

If you want to lose weight, there is no better way than healthy eating. Do you know, weight loss is 80% healthy eating and only 20% exercise. So, focus on eating correctly and you will see results in no time.

Hope this helps! If you want to know more about health tips, do let me know. I would be happy to help you.

What are some unusual things to do at Disneyland?

Find some of the cool, unknown and unusual stuff:The Little Man of Adventureland and his Disneyland home. NO ONE knows about this.In the back of the fire station in Disneyland's Town Square, you'll see the (fairly ugly) plumbing for

What are some of the exercises to reduce upper body weight?

The most important thing that everybody will tell you, "there is nothing like spot reduction", which is infact true, however the kind of cardio routine that you adopt might have an effect on your overall appearance.When you run or ride a bicycle, you tend to get good results with your legs and a relatively bulky upper body,

Do I eat first then exercise, or exercise first then eat?

This depends on a large number of things.Are you working out first thing in the morning? If you have a 30 minute period till you need to workout, then having an apple or small granola bar won't kill you. Just don't over do it or you'll destroy your stomach.What type of excercise are you planning on? Heavy