Can I lose 5kg in 1 month by jogging, eating 2 meals and running up to 7km every day?

Who does not want to reduce excess body weight by rushing? But it will not be the case. To know the weight loss, you should know what to eat during the day. And for him the effort and the initiative. And to take your step forward one step, today's diet charts

This diet chart is possible to lose weight up to 5 kg in a month and can easily reduce this weight by taking moderate diets. And to reach that target you must have 1280 calories a day, that means you have to burn 38,400 calories a day, and diet chart should have at least 1500 calories.

8:00 am

- 1 egg white boiled (52 calories)

- One bowl gourmet (can eat or drink only) (96 calories)

- 2 loaves (210 calories)

- Vegetable soup (150 calories)

11:00 am

- Without a cup of green tea (no calories)

- An apple (81 calories) / an orange (86 calories)

2:00 pm

- 1 cup of rice (216 calories) / 2 bread (210 calories)

- 1 bowl mixed vegetable (85 calories)

- 1 cup pulse (220 calories) / one piece fish (142 calories)

Know the weight loss diet chart

5:00 pm

- A cup of green tea (without sugar)

Biscuits without 2 cream (30 calories)

7:00 pm

- Cub water (46 calories)

Or 8-10 pistachio nuts (70 calories)

8:30 pm

- 1 cup of rice (216 calories) / 2 bread (210 calories)

- 1 cup salad (50 calories)

- 1 cup of vegetables (85 calories) / semi-cups talk yogurt (65 calories)

This is a diet chart of roughly 1500 calories. However, it is vital to follow the diet chart as well as physical exercises. Because this allows you to burn extra calories from the body. Any exercise is helpful to burn calories. Start with a light exercise at the beginning. Take a 45-minute walk everyday You can also do free hand exercises. So be patient with weight loss diet charts and stay healthy.


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