Can I lose belly fat without having diets and only exercise?

Okay, we eat healthy and we want to exercise. But how do you get rid of that fat ?

"strength training" is the answer.

why strength training ?

With strength training you do exercises to strengthen and enlarge your muscles. You are therefore mainly concerned with muscle development .

Huh, but muscle development does not cause me to waste?

Well, actually.

Muscle mass requires energy; it needs a lot of fuel. A lot of muscle mass therefore requires a lot of energy. If you convert fat to muscle mass, your body will burn a lot of energy, and therefore calories.

And not only that!

You burn energy during training, but your body also continues after training. Your muscles continue to work and therefore your body continues to burn calories.

On the other hand, during cardio training (walking, cycling, swimming, running) you are mainly busy building up fitness . This keeps your blood vessels and heart healthy and improves your endurance. Very important.

But with cardio your body also produces a lot of cortisol. This releases stored energy from your cells and is stored as fat - especially around the abdomen. Cardio therefore does not seem to be good for losing fat.

Yet several studies contradict this and say that (long-term) cardio actually works well to lose weight.

Our tip is : go for a combination . The combination of healthy eating and exercise, but also that of strength training and other forms of sport, such as cardio .

  • Do strength training for 30 minutes and end with 10 to 15 minutes of cardio (and stick to a healthy eating schedule!)

No abdominal exercises

Do you already have a flat stomach and do you want more abs? Then abdominal exercises are good. But don't do abdominal exercises specifically if you want to get rid of your abdominal fat . That is not going to work.

Why not?

By abdominal exercises you strengthen your abdominal muscles. But this does not mean that you immediately get rid of your belly fat.

You do not need to train your abdominal muscles specifically to lose belly fat.

It is best to do fitness exercises that use as much energy as possible - and therefore have the most influence on your fat storage . These are for example exercises that train your large muscle groups . LOOSING BELLY FATS - 4 FORMS OF STRENGTH TRAINING THAT HELP YOU WITH THIS

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