Can I lose body fat without losing weight?

Yes, you definitely can although I think it is harder . This is because you gain muscle weight as you lose fat.

Losing Weight is not only good for aesthetic reasons, for health reasons it is also important to have and keep the ideal weight. The first thing to do is take a firm decision to lose weight and take his mind the idea that this implies starve or spend many hours in the gym. You just have to improve certain habits and be a little more active.

Here are some tips!

1. Go with a nutritionist to keep you planning a personalized diet. The diet should be allowed to continue to lose weight gradually and permanently, so you have to go down slowly.

2. Sleep well and enough hours to be able to lose weight According to several studies, people who sleep less than seven hours tend to have more weight for the following reasons:. More stress, feel more tired and have less energy to do exercise or other activities; consume more fats, sugars and carbohydrates; also alters the metabolism slows and the amount of calories you could burn. You need at least seven hours sleep each night, as you need, this will have more energy, which is much less you crave foods high in calories and your body work better

3. Make five meals a day: a nutritious breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack (eg fruit or yogurt with some nuts), lunch, afternoon tea afternoon (just as healthy as the collation) and dinner it is light (such as a cereal). This helps remove the anxiety of being snacking between meals, reduces cravings and especially accelerates metabolism to burn calories because your body does not feel that there may be shortages and not stored. And between dinner and breakfast in the morning should not spend more than 12 hours at most.

4. "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar." During the day there will be more energy; and at night, with a light dinner, there will be fewer calories will not burn and a better rest. The breakfast in the morning does not mean you have to be excessively or binge, but rich in protein and vitamins and enough (when someone is feeling satisfied but not too full).

5. Eat slowly, calmly. The feeling that we are full arrives about 20 minutes later when we're really, so for that reason can lead to stomach more than we need.

6. Reduce food portions but eat in small plates, so that the illusion will eat more.

7. Controls the anxiety of eating between meals. You can will resort one gelatin light, low-calorie sweet drink or chewing gum also low in calories. Fill yourself activities that distract you and entertain as reading, call a friend, crossword puzzles, anyway. Or to soothe a craving for something in particular yourself permission for a taste or a small amount, but let them pass before 20 minutes while you do something else and it is likely that the craving yield (if does not give it just a little bit).

8. Whenever you feel like snacking and you fancy a lot like a very fatty or sugary food, and not only a proven, thinks "tastes better be thin", "seems to me to be thin more" or "much you better be at my ideal weight "and placed signs in the fridge and in the cupboard. It can work if you put the picture of an overweight person next to another thin.

9. Do not eat while watching TV or are on the computer, it is easy to overeat.

10. Avoid sugar, soft drinks, foods containing too much salt or high in sodium, refined flour, and saturated fat creamy dressings. For all there are better options. He prefers natural fruit juices, the light or skim milk, whole wheat, and as to opt for the panela cheese and fresh. Olive oil or vinegar are seasonings with fewer calories.

11. By the time you're thirsty, natural water is better than anything else. In terms of quantity not everyone has the same needs, and much have to do your activities and climate. Do not force a certain number of liters a day because water is also found in other drinks and foods you eat. And in the morning, before you eat or drink anything other than water the first thing that comes into your stomach.

12. Take preferably cold water, this causes the body to spend more energy to bring it to body temperature.

13. If anyone ever gives you a sweet, chocolate or invite you to eat something high in calories or a party does not have to deny or say you're on a diet, but eat little, and this will only occasionally ( if often deny yourself) and then pay it with more exercise or moderándote the next day.

14. Takes note of everything you eat during the day, it also helps concienciarte. From morning until night.

15. Get used to check the wrappers and packaging with nutritional information of what you eat and the daily percentages needed, fijándote especially sodium, sugar and fat, it will be easier to measure yourself and you can make comparisons. Remember that the nutritional information reflects the content of a standard portion and not the whole package or bottle.

16. If you ever go to a restaurant, several of them usually have menu options that are low in calories.

17. Consume fiber powder diluted in water before meals, will help to fill you up faster and cut calories.

18. Try to cook with olive oil, it controls cholesterol levels and blood sugar. And any food past oil can be put on a paper towel to absorb the excess.

19. Prefers best fish to any other type of meat is rich in Omega 3 and this also reduces cholesterol levels. Other meat you can consume are not fried chicken and turkey.

20. Physical activity is needed during the day and schedule at least half an hour daily exercise. We gain weight when we consume more calories than you spend and exercises help burn fat and reduce stress. You can also exercise while you do your daily activities: use the stairs instead of the elevator, look for ways you have to walk more, up the steps two at a time, out walking the dog burn calories with housework.

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Health Tips and Weight Loss strategies!

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