Can I lose fat by eating healthy and doing only weight training for exercise?

I have lost close to 12 kgs in last 3 months thanks to the following lifestyle changes :

  1. Zero added sugar. Glucose part was dealt with breads etc.
  2. 5 to 6 small meals with mix of fruits and leafy veggies.
  3. Drinking close to 5 litres of water each day.
  4. No packed food for me. Let me explain this. I don't take anything which comes inside a sealed polythene bag or packet. Sort of a PALEO DIET concept.
  5. Reduced my carb intake and increased my protein intake. Being a vegetarian I have very limited choices. To name a few cottage cheese made out of double toned milk, lentils, soya nuggets to name a few.
  6. Stopped eating starch containing items regularly. In fact did a carb cycling experiment too by 3 days of low carb diet and then 4th day high carb diet.
  7. Ate omega 3 containing flaxseed and chia seeds and essential fats through nuts.
  8. Calculated my calories strictly.Never crossed 1600 ~ 1750 calories.
  9. Moderate exercising for an hour in the morning to strengthen my body and will power.
  10. Took up photography as an outdoor hobby to get out of my couch.
  11. Stopped watching Television (Idiot box) all together. That invariably gave me more time to introspect and research on my dietary requirements.
  12. Reduced the usage of mobile phone as well. Allowed me to get in touch with like minded people through outdoor activities.
  13. No alcohol and no drinks except water please.

I hope these will help.

Please leave comments for any queries.

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