Can I lose weight (100 kg) and fat to achieve a fit body in 5 months?

Strength Training is the best option for you. Strength training helps you to gain muscle and lose fat quickly. Remember during strength training you gain muscle and drop fat as muscle weigh more than fat, you might see no difference in weight of your body or in some cases your weight might increase due to muscle gain. So do not keep the track of your body instead measure your body fat percentage.

For long time fitness expert has been suggesting Cardio as the best option for fat loss and it is true but Cardio is not best option in long term as you tend to gain back the dropped kilos after you stop exercising. So, strength training is the best option for you. As in strength training you gain muscles and muscles have high passive calorie consumption in other words you burn more calories even when you are not exercising. This will help you remain fit in long term without dieting.

There are several strength training workouts you can try at home. If you are wondering for some best strength training workouts you can try at home? Here are some best full body strength training workouts you can try at home and stay fit.

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What is ideal the workout routine, diet for burning belly fat and building a good body?

its possible to reduce belly fat and get abs, things you need to follow is:1: you need to focus on balance diet2: you need to use some home remedies that helps in reducing Fat and increase your body metabolism.3: increase protein intake4: Workout for Flat

Why is India lacking in automotive design?

A very Simple reason- we are not early starters.Most of the automotive improvements have occurred through failures and improvement. All the big automotive brands -Toyota , Ford , Honda etc. started 80–100 years back. These companies had also made disastrous design mistakes in the past, a recent example of faulty Toyota pedal area design which led to death of

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Who has put this idea into your head and why ? If you are an athlete, a boxer or a wrestler then you have to build your body strong enough to face the rigors of the line you have chosen to