Can I lose weight and develop muscle by swimming?

Swimming has always been the only workout where I have effortlessly lost weight, but I am usually heavily muscled but fat when I start the program, so that may be a factor, whereas thin people may not notice much of a change, except for increased muscle definition.

You will develop the swimming muscles, but the specialized swim workout will not add anything to the basic lifts in the gym.

How to know if I need more exercise

Feel physically and/or mentally tired? Do you feel lazy or unproductive the majority of the day? Are you unhappy and uncomfortable in your skin? if you answered yes then go get some exercise! doesnt have to be in the gym, go for a walk, join a sport,

Why does my cat aggressively lick my other cat (to the point of a fight)?

Because dogs lick things, they dont have hands so there mouths explore the world, similarly your dog is not a cat it does not understand what annoys a cat or the subtle warning signs a cat will give off, its not aggression its just only able to comunicate

How to lose 200 pounds if I am 5′10″ and 410 pounds

Well, swimming might be your best bet in terms of cardio. There is no impact in swimming and there is usually some form of water aerobics offered at the local pool or gym.Walking is good also.When you have lost 150 or so you could begin running and jogging.There is a pretty great transformation story