Can I lose weight by doing only cardio? I mean intense cardio? Like I run for 4km everyday along with cycling and cross trainer? Is this enough?

Bro! Are you mad?

First let me tell you one thing just come out of this cardio obsession.

See,, Cardio is actually for proper functioning of our heart. It is not for losing fat or gaining muscles. If you do it regularly it just causes your muscle contraction and knee pains. So I will tell you just ask the marathon runners will the cardio useful for losing weight or for fitness? They will say a big NO! Because why are you wasting your time by running on the thread mill (intensively) just go out and run in out doors it will give you fresh air, it will help your breathing problem, maintaining fitness etc. If you don't believe me just go and watch Tarun gill fitness channel in YouTube on which he spoke about cardio. Roughly, there are 5 to 6 videos are there about cardio.

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