Can I lose weight if I eat a cup of oats, veggies, a medium potato chicken breast, and fruit during the day, everyday? I lift heavy weights and I use creatine and protein shakes. Must I skip the shakes?

You can lose weight by eating one hamburger instead or anything that puts you in a caloric deficit. If you are willing to eat the same things every day, then it is simple to adjust until you are in such a deficit, but there is nothing special about the foods you listed that are magic for building muscle or losing fat.

How to stop eating sweets at night

Here are some strategies that I've used to curb my own cravings (I used to be a major candy ADDICT!) and hopefully these tricks will also help you.Keep it out of the house. Not only limited to sweets but sugary drinks as well. If it is not there, you can't have it. You could replace

What are good workouts for hip strength?

Squats work the entire lower region. Here's another exercise that some may not be familiar with, which is called

How to rekindle the romance in a 13 year old marriage

First, allow me to humbly say that I have not been in a marriage yet, much less one that has lasted for 13 years. But I have been very deeply and love and know a bit about how hard it can be to keep that alive, particularly when life gets difficult. I have learned that it