Can I lose weight just by weight lifting?

Yes & No. That's like saying can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours....and walking will indeed burn calories, perhaps 500 calories, but imagine what happens if you then drink a 650 calorie protein shake. Weightlifting is good exercise in that you not only burn calories exerting yourself but you also stimulate your metabolism for hours to follow (so you burn calories and keep on burning). Weightlifting also helps you retain lean body mass (muscle) when under a caloric deficit. While dieting up to 50% of weight loss is not fat but instead lean body weight training can help offset that.

Factually put, weight training is an important and beneficial component to any diet or fitness regimen...BUT weight training alone will not ensure you'll lose weight. The simple fact remains: if you eat more calories then you need, you'll gain weight...and conversely, if you eat less calories then you need, you'll lose weight. The size of your body is largely dictated by diet. And yes, muscle on your body requires calories (so they say muscle burns fat)...but again, if you eat more food then it's a wash.

What are the most beautiful lyrics you have ever heard?

EMINEM-"Beautiful"I think I'm starting to lose my sense of humorEverything is so tense and gloomI almost feel like I gotta check the temperature in the roomJust as soon as I walk inIt's like all eyes on meSo I try to avoid any eye contact'Cause if I do that then it opens the door

What do guys look for in girls? And, why?

Heres my Ideal girl.I must find her attractive.Sex is a healthy and an important part of any relationship. I prefer pretty girls over hot ones.She should act Submissive.I like to feel masculine. The protector. The leader. The provider. A girl who doesn't have an attitude turns me on.However, I live in America. California to be precise.If

Is 'high-impact' exercise bad for me?

I posted the question because I've answered it privately and in comments a few times now, so I'm also going to answer it so everybody can read it and hopefully benefit from it.In a nutshell 'high-impact' training particularly running, jumping, bounding, hopping, galloping, skipping etc... got a bad rep in the 90's (ironically just after