Can I lose weight while fasting?

Yes fasting can help in losing weight but only if done properly. You need to understand that starving is not the best of losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight by starving and fasting but it won't be considered healthy. If you do fasting more and more in order to lose weight, their is every possibility that you will become nutrient deficient that can have adverse effects on your overall health.

How important is taking rest for a full day if you do intense body weight exercises?

You should definitely take at least 2 days off from advanced calisthenic training. Try to also separate upper body from lower body so you give each muscle group at least 48 hours to rest and recover. Your nervous system and joints also need time to rest so your brain can

How to gain muscle without injury

How to Avoid a Weight Lifting InjuryUse proper form. Using proper form is critical if you want to prevent an injury. ...Do smart exercises. ...Avoid dangerous exercises. ...Warm up properly. ...Use the right weight. ...Stretch. ...Don't be a weekend warrior.Before you do any heavy lifting you should do a

What are the biggest lies that society tells us?

Everyone is beautiful. Naw, that's bullshit. Whether inside or out, there's always people in this world who aren't that great. Don't give people delusions of grandeur, that'll make em think they don't need to improveHard work always trumps natural talent. Let's use the movie Monsters University as an example. It's a prequel, so most people knew how