Can I lose weight within 15 days by eating?

Drink a glass of water and lemon and honey daily morning.

Take vegetarian diet.

Reduce oil sugar and salt in your diet.

Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits.

Eat slowly

Don't drink water right after eating.

Drink plenty of water

Avoid fast food.

Avoid coffee and tea.

Eat amla

You can drink milk.

Don't eat more than three or four times a day.

Make a green tea at home


Cinnamon, tulsi, spearmint, turmeric, ginger, black pepper. Etc.

You can practice pranayam and suryanamaskaar daily morning for better results.

(Reduce the use of vehicles for traveling.) **

(Cycling or walking.) **

What are some little known facts about China and Chinese culture?

When doing the traditional greeting gesture, the Gongshou Gesture (拱手礼), one should cover the right fist with the left palm instead of the other way round. Nowadys even native Chinese are mostly ignorant about this rule and just anyhow do as

Are Diet Coke, Sprite Zero, Coke Zero and/or other diet sodas bad for your health? How bad? Why are they bad? What are the bad side effects?

One of the things my sports nutritionist pal told me sticks with me even after 10 years.Please keep in mind I'm also packaging coke zero as "diet" in this answer as well...I was at Carl's Jr. with him eating a nice thick burger

How to maintain abs without counting calories

Don't eat when  not hungry*.  This includes drinks with calories like beer, soda, and fruit juice.Only eat enough to be sated 30 minutes after the last bite because that's how long your appetite takes to catch up and past a point excess food won't delay