Can I lose weight without any exercise? I have a physical problem. How do I lose weight?

Diet is always the first step!

How to lose weight:

You must be at caloric deficit in order to lose fat/weight.

You can lose body fat by being at a caloric deficit, which can be done by:

1# Eat less than the calories you burn per day (calorie intake - (*BMR + expended calories))

2# Do some cardio that helps you burn more calories than you need in a day

3# Increase your BMR by weight training. This causes your basal metabolic rate to increase, which increases the amount of calories you burn at rest!

*BMR - BASAL METABOLIC RATE (Calories burned at rest) - you can figure this out with a machine at the gym or doctors or you can count calories for a few weeks and estimate what your BMR is.

Counting calories is a tool for your fitness and nutrition toolbox. It is something you can do when you want to cut down in body fat. It is a misconception that cardio is the best way to lose weight! Counting calories is the fastest and most efficient way to cut down the fat and keep the muscle you have.

Loosing 1lb of fat per week is a good way to lose fat and conserve muscle!Many people believe counting calories is a tedious tasks and it can be at the beginning when you have never done it before!

After awhile you do definitely get used to it and it actually becomes convenient, because all your meals are pretty much made and set out for you!

For the most part, you can just eat pretty healthy year round with some cheat meals and outside food on occasion.

I teach how to count calories and track properly in this video:

If you caught your wife cheating on you, could you legally force her to leave the house?

It would depend on additional facts and the law within the state.  In most states, the answer would be "no."  If the house is marital or community property (which many houses are if acquired during the marriage), both parties to the marriage have a right to be there.  Courts can order one party out of

I have lost 3 kilos but my waist line has not reduced, what could be the reason?

The sequence of accumulation of fat shall be the sequence of dieting/losing weight.When we eat more food stuff; excess fat is accumulated in belly, waist, thighs, shoulders, chest, etc., When you start losing weight, it shall be in the same sequence.Source**:‘HEALTH

What developed country is the most corrupt in the world?

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index rates countries on how corrupt they are perceived (mostly by foreigners) to be.  The top quartile of the UN's Human Development Index lists 47 countries that are clearly developed.  Argentina is the 45th from the top, and its Corruption Perceptions Index is a mere 34.  So it is the most corrupt country that can