Can I mix strength training and cardio on the same day for alternate days?

It will work great for fat loss provided you do it correctly and take proper nutrition. But make sure that you always do strength training session first as it will ensure that you have enough energy to do exercise with proper form and it will also let you lift more weight.

Don't keep your strength training session longer than 45 minutes. 3 sets per exercise in 12, 10 and 8 reps range. Make sure you are doing exercise with proper form. Don't rest for more than 30–40 seconds between each set.

For cardio, you can do a medium intensity session for 15–20 minutes.Afterwards, take 5 minutes rest and then do a 30 second High intensity session followed by 60 second low intensity session. Repeat this one more time.

This plan will work best with proper nutrition. 1.5 gm Protein / kg of your goal body weight. Have healthy fats and complex carbs. Avoid sugar, simple carbs, alcohol and junk food. Ensure to sleep at least 6.5 - 7 hours. Have dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping. Avoid Carbs in dinner (except vegetable) and have a good amount of protein. Ensure 4–5 litres water intake a day.

What is daily life like in Jordan?

Been living here for almost my entire life and here's my view on living in Jordan. Traffic: If you compare the traffic in Jordan with the traffic in the rest of the countries, i think you will be delighted. Traffic jams are there but its a moving traffic so in Amman you will not

Can I improve my skin tone from dark to light?

This Kind of question shows, we are still thinking that white skin people are better than people with wheatish skin. we in India have naturally dark skin and it cant be changed. We can only Glow our SkinThe Skin colour is because of MELANIN chemical in the bodyLess Melanin causes a white skin -British has less

Is there an evolutionary advantage to dreaming?

Dreaming doesn't have an evolutionary purpose per se. It's just an emergent property of the piecemeal way our brains have evolved, from the older and more automatic systems out to the newer, learning-enabled systems. I've seen it suggested by several different scientists that most animals