Can I really do yoga at home?

Yoga is one of my favorite physical activity, to be very honest I use to found gym and cardio very tiring. I jumped from doing Zumba to aerobics then cardio I even tried to go to gym but I use to get so bored. I don't know why but I really used wait for it to end. I was gaining weight like anything and I couldn't control my diet so I thought I would give yoga a try. With no expectations I jumped in, my sister downloaded a set of AM and PM yoga for me. I started doing it at home, my friends use to mock me because there was no instructor around to fix my poses and push me beyond my limit. I think you can really do yoga at home it's all about having the right mind, place and a yoga gear. The first day I did yoga I was in my track pant, those pants were not stretch able so it was so hard for me to stretch and do the asanas. The following day I ordered a yoga gear and got myself a yoga mat at a very reasonable rate. After that I was completely ready I performed the PM yoga at home and it felt so right, the routine just fell into place after then every night I would take out my mat, wear my yoga pant and sleep like a baby afterwards. Trust me it is never about practicing yoga in class, it is all about how much you are dedicated to performing it and I was pretty determined to perform it so I did at home and yes you can really do it at home with ease. Just find yourself the right set of videos and follow them to a tee. It will help you a great deal.

Is constant motivation needed to do hard work?

It's based on what you define as "motivation". If you mean jumping and screaming "Yes, I can!", you may not need this. If you mean reinforcing emotions of inspiration, determination, gratitude, love and joy to keep on your work, then probably - yes,

How did the Democratic and Republican parties switch ideologies?

Democrats prior to the switch myth did not respect individual rights. Today they attack our Bill of rights. Democrat prior to the switch myth supported the racist Sanger's abortion. Today more Black babies were aborted in NYC then were born. This happened in multiple years.Democrats prior to the switch myth spawn the

What are the digital marketing trends for 2018?

To plan a top-notch marketing strategy for your business in 2018, go through the seven trends explained here and incorporate them in your planning process. From personalization elements and mastering micro-moments to moving visual and analyzing the authentic data, we will go through all the best strategies for acquiring