Can I safely lose weight by fasting? If so, how do I do that?

A number of people are doing intermittent fasting (IF), a periodic, short term way to fast. I do too and it works in quite wonderful ways.

The more constantly you eat the more likely you'd need stronger flavoured foods to boost how satisfied you are. Similar to how drug addicts need stronger doses of drugs to get a similar high the longer they use it. That aside, with intermittent fasting you break your day (or week) into two time windows; one is for eating and is normally shorter than the other that is for fasting.

The are various ways of doing it. Daily IF practitioners have two windows that are 12/12, 8/16, 6/18, 4/20 where the first number is the length, in hours, of the eating window and the second the length for fasting window. During fasting it is strongly recommended that you keep your caloric intake to zero calories; meaning you have only black tea and coffee without sugar and water, sparkling water seems to help a lot of people. A rule of thumb with daily fasts is to make sure your time sleeping is during your fasting window and that you skip your first post sleep meal, normally breakfast.

Ways that IF work is that you need to do meal preparations, if you have the time. This will ensure that you eat healthy foods. I have written other answers on IF, but am honestly too lazy to find them. I suggest you find the topic and learn from the answers here on Quora, do some searches of your own and join groups on Facebook and follow Twitter and Youtube accounts that cover the topic. Do note that no reliable long term studies on the benefits of IF has been done on humans. You can, however, do it and as you do research you'll find that once many of the seasoned practitioners got into it, it became pretty smooth sailing for them.

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The answer is yes. In Shri Mad Bhagvad Gita, a significant text is there in this context.Ahaar ie food intake of mankind are of three kinds - Satwik, Rajas and Tamas.There are three Gunas in every one. The three Gunas are known as Satwik

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