Can I say 'A China' instead of 'One China'?

No. They mean different things, and the first one wouldn't make sense.

"One China" could be used to talk about China as a unified whole, to include all the provinces, or maybe to indicate that the speaker sees Taiwan or Hong Kong as part of China, depending on the context.

"A China" would make sense if there were multiple Chinas, and you wanted to refer to one of them.

Metaphorically, "a China" could refer to some other country that is somehow similar to China. In that case, "one China" could not work.

Are most people depressed or happy?

Depression, the feeling of general emptiness is becoming an epidemic in our age. This is because our Human development, which was so far driven by our inherently selfish egos has exhausted itself.By the plan of evolution we are pressed towards finding a new fuel for

How are animals better than humans?

In certain Aspects - Animals will Definitely be Far Better Off than Humans -The Animals will have a much more Keener Sense of Smell like in Dogs, Ability to See Longer distances like in Kites, Eagles, Albatross, In Animals like Cats they will know how to Anticipate and Move quickly - Their Agility is

Can a psychopath feel inspired?

Yes, they can or else all of them would be homeless fat people.Okay...a bit of an exaggeration but without motivation, they wouldn't be able to become doctors, surgeons, CEOs, police officers or whatever else they want to be. Obviously, some psychopaths have less