Can I snack without gaining weight if I run for 20-30 minutes after snacking?

It depends what you snack on, and how much, just because you consume calories does not mean you have to burn them out with physical exercise.

You see, when I was on my weight loss journey I had this vision for every calorie I consume, I have to burn it with physical exercise, so I wrote it all down in my notebook;

Apple = 50kcal, 10 minutes jogging

Banana = 100kcal, 20 minutes of jogging

Brown rice = 300kcal, 20 minutes of jogging, 30 minutes of biking

Ect, ect....

But this just simply is not the case thanks to our metabolism, we burn a certain amount of calories each day dependent upon your height, weight, and age. The absolute only way to lose fat is burn more energy than you exceed. eating an unhealthy snack every one in awhile does not mean you need to walk/jog to combat the weight gain from it. You need to remember that food is not the enemy, you should never be scared of food. Enjoy as much healthy snacks as you'd like without feeling the urge to go exercise it off, and moderately enjoy guilt snacks without feeling the urge to burn it off. I highly suggest an app like myfitnesspal, or lose it, to track your calories burned and calories consumed. That helped/helps me tremedously!

What would happen if you didn't eat for a month?

It largely depends on what shape you are in when you begin. If you are malnutrition-ed / sickly / on meds / etc. you will probably die.I taught college students in India, and their general belief (they were middle and upper class

Suppose a child who lived with animals for years come in contact with humans. If he learns human language, can he translate animal language into human language?

One doesnt need to grow up with animals to understand them. They are easily understood by people willing to learn how to talk n behave with animals.All animals communicate and it doesnt take a genius to figure out what it us that they want. Common expressions are same for humans and animals.

If we remove human emotions would that make humans smarter?

No. Emotions are essential for survival. Without emotions, human beings wouldn't have lasted long. There are countless examples on why emotions are essential to survival and intelligence development but I will give you one that stands out for me:There have been numerous cases where traumatic brain injury survivors lost their ability to