Can I still get a fit body?

There is no hard age to say you can be for, till that age. Age is just a number. It all depends upon your initiative. I myself started at the age of 46 with sciatica in me and am 52, presently. I am epileptic too.

You are very enthusiastic during your teenage as you want to flaunt your biceps more than anything else. Then you want to look good as you have marriage on the cards. Then comes the stage when you get busy with life and do not have time. Years later, after uncontrolled food habits and dirty lifestyle, you feel you should reconsstruct yourself; moreso, because your doc warned you that you better take care. Sometimes, individuals in their 50s arrive at gyms to care for their physical pains and diseases. I've even trained an individual who came to the gym after an open heart surgery and was advised to get back life in his dumb body through weights. Although with a slow start, he superbly improved with right quantitative micronutrients to boost his inner self alongwith exercises and correct diet. In less than a year, he's performing deadlifts (only 140 pounds) and squats (only 90 pounds). The best is that his mind is feeling on top of the world; and he's in his early 60s. Although seen very few, here in Mumbai - but there are few individuals and doctors in their 70s too, who arrive at gyms.

Understand that visiting the gym is not only to create muscle, but primarily to get more fit than your present. Good shape, musculature etc. are all bi-products of fitness. You aim at only muscles and you will soon lose motivation; you work on fitness and motivation never dies.

Science points out that exercise is an absolute necessity for every individual of any age to stay healthy, specially in today's lifestyle where there is so much contamination in food and air, besides lack of body movements.

Dear friend, I am unaware if you are having any physical problems, but if yes, weights and aerobic training will certainly help. We all want to stay fit till the last day of our life. We definitely can, as long as our mind is lit with the motivation.

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