Can I still grow taller if I am 24 years old?

No, you height is basically at it's peak by the age of 19–21 depending from person to person. But if you do happen to have a bad posture, that can be fixed and you may look taller by an additional 1–2 inches in total.

My advice would be not worry about height because everything you look at as a drawback can actually prove to have it's own plus points. Hope you don't categorize yourself in the negative way and this is just something you are curious about. Hope this helps.

What are the benefits of doing planks every day?

Check out the 10-minute workout plan.10 Minute Plank Workout – 10 Ways to Empower Yourself10 Ways to Empower YourselfYou will be surprised as what a daily 10 minute plank workout can do for you. Let's look at the

Is being 45 years old too old in India to get married for the first time?

It is never too late.Whenever a sincere,selfless, loving,caring,compatible,financially independent person,irrespective of your past,promises you to be with you in all your kith and kins,You can choose him/her as your life partner to get married.If you have not selected one,you can search for your life partner on the internet giving priority to his qualities over looks.

Do women cheat more then men?

If women cheat, who do you think they are cheating with?Heterosexual women cheat with men. For every cheating act of a woman, a man is required.If you count professional sex workers as accessory to cheating, then estimated by the sheer number of female