Can I turn 1000 into 1million?

You can turn $1000 to $1m in Two ways:

Easy Long Way: invest in ETFs and REITs funds that gives you 10% to %20 annual returns. Year after year your investment is growing in value.

But keep in mind you need to forget about it, and the more you invest the more value you will get in the end.

I always tell people about this way, and most of them want rapid results so they don't want to wait this long.

The short way: This way requires innovative idea and turn it a business, which is high risk and have high returns.

In conclusion, I recommend doing both, and strongly recommend to do the long way as a backup income.

I'm a perfectly healthy 18 year old male. Why am I loosing so much hair?

Does your father have a lack of hair? If he does ask him what age he started losing hair. If it is within a couple years of 18, you can blame genetics.Do you have a lot of stress in your life right now? Anxiety and stress can

How do pull ups, a movement using the shoulder and elbow joints, end up being predominantly a lat exercise?

Because it doesn't primarily use the shoulder and elbow joints.It primarily uses the Latissimus dorsi to pull the arm in to the body.Any movement that uses your lats or pecs also uses your shoulders, true, but the largest muscles are activated for this,

How to combine the Insanity workout with weights without overdoing it

Insanity is a very advanced cardio training program. A lot of its moves are body weigth strength focused, for example, squat with jumps, lunge with jumps, various forms of pushups, and tricep dips. It will be very tough to go through an insanity workout even