Can I use Bodyweight exercises instead of strength training for fat loss?

Sure you can exclude strength training completely but you need to focus on your diet. You should go for low carb high protein diet.

In exercises you can use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as the name suggests that exercises will be intense but the Interval between two sets will be short say for 30–45 sec. Shorter the interval more endurance of body. This includes circuit of various exercises.

For start u can have a circuit of skipping, jumping jacks, knee ups. You can do 50 of each then rest for 30 secs & start next set.(Number of set you can decide to yourself). Remember taking exact interval between two sets is important don't extend your interval.

Here are some of the circuits you can try

  1. Jumping jacks, knee ups & Mountain climbing (start with 50 reps of each)
  2. Squats, burpees, plank
  3. Jumping jacks (50) , pushups(20), Mountain climbing(50) half crunches(40), jumping jacks(50)plank(1min), jumping Jack(50) Mountain climbing (50)

These are few basic circuits. You can start with this and then make your own circuit according to the body party you want to focus. You can also try thses exercise separately so that you know which one focuses on which body part before you make your own circuit

Again I would like to remind you running and Suryanamaskar should be included in your routine

Hope you find something of use in this.

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