Can I visit Scotland with a UK visa?

Yes, of course you can since Scotland is part of the UK. The only part of the islands that you probably can't visit with it is Eire - the southern half of Ireland, which is totally independent. I'm not sure about this but I believe you could also visit the Isle of Man despite its having its own parliament and laws independent of the UK.

Yes you can. Scotland for the time being is part of the United Kingdom. Thats not to say that the circumstance may change in a couple of years.

If Scotland becomes independent then a separate visa will be required but please dont be downhearted I am sure that an outward looking Scotland will welcome you. I can not speak for England.

Yes. Scotland is part of UK. UK means England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Do I need a passport to go on a cruise to Jamaica?

Go to your cruise line's website and you will get the definitive answer. But generally, I believe Americans can still travel by cruise ship to most Caribbean nations with just a photo ID (driver's license) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate.)

What happens if you leave something in a hotel room and they don't find it?

Many, many times I have received the call from the guest who have left something behind - any item that is found in our hotel, be it in a room, lobby, or parking lot, gets tracked. We have found $65,000 in a room, and many other

En route to the moon, when a ship is travelling, do astronauts experience more/less gravity than were they to be in free fall around the earth?

No, to be in free fall means to be falling freely under the influence of whatever gravity is locally present. Whatever the gravitational field, if you fall freely in it, you cannot feel it.For the Apollo astronauts the gravitational field will have