Can Iron Man defeat Hulk?

Can he? Yes.
Has he in recent history? No, but he was going to but he was sabotaged.

Actually, there have been multiple confrontations between these two. First that comes to mind is the Original Sin where Tony (Iron Man) was on the run from the hulk and could not defeat him with a city of weapons at his arsenal. This one went completely in the favor of the Hulk. But there have been also multipe occasions where Iron Man outsmarts the Hulk, hince, the old pen is mightier than the sword.
In terms of raw physical power Iron Man could never be stronger than the hulk, in terms brain power - most of the time Tony is smarter than the hulk.
I am not a drug addict. I lost my job, my home and sold all my stuff. I have no money. I have no kids living with me so no one will help a person unless they do drugs. Why?

There are people out there who will help you, and there are also people out there who get help because they have an addiction. I think they take more care of those with an addiction because I believe they could be a threat to society. This is just my theory I am not

How to make a crowdfunding for a short film

On the assumption you meant a Crowdfunding Campaign, I can suggest many ways in being able to raise funds for your next short film. However its worth to note once you have set up your campaign, you can't just leave it and hope people will come

What are the best movie sites for short films?

Shortfundly - A platform for creative film makers. It is a platform specially created for short film enthusiasts. It has an excellent collection of 25000+ short films with new films being uploaded everyday. You can view, save and get regular updates on your favorite artists and directors in the industry. You can