Can Mexico be considered a Western Country or a First World country?

International institutions characterize Mexico as an upper-middle-income country, a category encompassing US $4125 to $12736 in income per capita. Mexico's was $9980 in 2014, and at 2.5% growth would enter World Bank's high-income countries group in another decade.

List of countries by GNI (nominal, Atlas method) per capita
Upper middle income (World Bank)

How to deal with familial stress

I dealt with the stress of my parents being ill (dementia and Alzheimers ) by just being there for them. Loving the person that they were.I had constant stress when my brother was their caregiver. I was the stupid little sister

What are some good yoga exercises I can do to reduce my waist from 36 inches to 34 inches in 1 month?

A month is a reasonable timescale to reduce your waist from 36 to 34 if you're dedicated. Here's what you need to do: DietNo: refined sugar, junk food, alcohol, "White" carbs, soft drinks, at all. Lots of green vegetables, measured portions of lean protein and small measured