Can Muslims and Hindus ever live peacefully without having hatred for each other in their hearts?

Good Hindus and Muslims have always been living in peace since a long time.

My uncle was in East Bengal (presently Bangladesh) during the period of Independence. They left Bangladesh at the dawn of the fateful day, 14th August, 1947.

Like most of the people who left Bangladesh and Pakistan during Independence, they too left all their property and came to India empty hand.

My uncle's neighbour was a Muslim family. A family like a family of theirs, a victim of time and politics. My uncle's best friend was their son and both the families were closer than just another neighbour. However, they chose to stay back in Bangladesh.

Before leaving the country, my uncle's father went up to them to request them to look after their property.

2 years forward, tired of the hardships of the life of a refugee and after losing a daughter to the aftermath , my uncle's father decided to go to bangladesh to sell of his property to get hold of some money. The news in India was that all the properties have been sold off or captured illegally by the Muslims there. He still did go.
Imagine his happiness, when his neighbour handed him his property back to him without any fuss and even helped him to sell it, as it was easier for him to find a buyer,since he was a Muslim.

30 years hence,
My uncle went to Habiganj, Bangladesh, his hometown, again, and met up with his childhood friend again, visited his ancestral home, and went to his school back again which is amazingly still named after his great grandfather.

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Misogyny. It all boils down to misogyny, but if you want specifics:Straight men don't like expending emotional energy on women that won't give those men sexual gratification as a consolation prize (see Nice Guy Syndrome on Urban Dictionary for details).Lesbians don't want to appeal to straight men at all, but

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