Can Pakistan hold back an Indian invasion?

best way to invade pak is invading economically and pak can not hold back india's economical invasion at present pak economy is at the verge of collapse and India should encourage pak for weapon race with India by purchasing/manufacturing more weapon and pak will be collapsed without any military action

I don't think india doesn't want to invade Pakistan, or even any country. India will all be defensive and will attack back only provoked or there is an serious threat of attack. even at that case there won't be an invasion there will only be an fight at the borders.

India will be the last country to start an war, and war is not simple as you ask questions in quora. War causes panic among people, war cripples economy and it cost hell a lot more than we could imagine.

India is never gonna do that sin,as if you are holding pakistan back,you are going to make a hole in the economy as it is known how many debt they have payback to USA and China.

India is not interested in invading Pakistan. It is a waste of blood, time and energy.

Both Pakistan and India got defensive Armies. They're not strategically or tactically armed enough to go for an invasion.

Pakistan can easily repulse Indian invasion. In fact, It'd occupy Indian territory in retaliation the way it did in 1965.

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