Can Raspberry Pi 2 run the PS 2 emulator?

great idea .............

yes it can if  you use win iot core on raspberry pi 3, it has more power compare to older version ,

more multi-threading power and it also has x64 bit architecture so no worry about architecture.

in market many emulator are available for windows if you find out any one on windows app store than it should work on pi with win iot core because both has same environment for running app/emulator and that is windows 10.

or if you want develop your own emulator than may be universal windows platform might help you out with win 10 IoT core.

If you succeed please let me know i am bit excited to play with MyPi.

No. PCSX2 uses just-in-time recompilation to achieve reasonable performance. The recompiler recompiles to x86 machine code, which cannot run on a RPi.

Even if it could, performance would still be terrible. PS 2 emulation still requires a fairly fast PC. A RPi 2 is about 1/8 as fast as a high end PC.
It should be able to run any Debian Linux PS2 emulator. However, the performance may very well be poor.
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