Can Russia invade Europe?

First and foremost: Europe is not a country.
Second, invade or conquer? I guess you meant conquer...
Third, no. Russia is unable to conquer all European countries.
Fourth, what for? Russia sells energy. That is how Russia makes its living mostly. European countries are Russia's customers. Who will buy Russia's gas and oil then?

Can Russia invade Europe?

well, in which meaning you use the verb CAN ? Technically it CAN, but such invasion would not stand longer then couple of months - NATO would fight back and 2 options would appear ;

  1. nuclear war that would burry both Russia and EU and USA and probably the rest of the World too (Nuclear winter would hardly give a chance even for Australians to survive till the next year)
  2. Russia would be defeated in CONVENTIONAL war simply because NATO population is 906 000 000 while russian population is 146 000 000 - that means NATO has 7 times more soldiers

Another story is that your question is out of reality simply because Russia doesn't need, doesn't want and doesn't intend to INVADE Europe.

Bastian Friborg's answer to Why would Putin's Russia attack Europe?

No. They only way they could make significant progress is if they nuked the place first, which would yield an instant nuclear retaliation, which would end their ability to advance.

So no.

Also, Russia doesn't WANT to invade Europe. Why would they? It's suicidal. And they already have WAY more land than they know what to do with.

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