Can Superman break Captain America's Shield?

Any physical force can't destroy caps shield, you might be saying, "but caps shield broke plenty of times in the comics" yes it has.

But it never broke from brute force.

Some instances where caps shield broke was

When doctor doom shot an energy like beam and destroyed caps shield, BUT it was because he stole the beyonders powers.

Thanos also destroyed caps shield by just smacking it, but it wasn't brute force, he made the infinity gauntlet change the molecules of the shield so that it would break.

Even a villain named molecule man destroyed his shield, but again, he changed the molecules and just got rid of his shield.

As far as we know, caps shield can't be broken by brute force, the only way to destroy it is if you do something like change the molecules of the shield.

What's the one most disgusting thing your roommate ever did?

I was a week away from going to college. I had not received my room assignment yet and I was worried that I did not have a room. I called campus housing and they said I should have already received information on it. I informed them I did not and two days

What's next for Hillary Clinton?

She will continue her work with the Clinton Foundation. In the event that she won the Clinton Foundation would have been under different leadership but she could focus on that full time. She will continue her advocacy for women and children.