Can Tarzan happen in real life?

I don't think a Tarzan could be found and reintegrated into society. There is a Critical period of development in childhood where coordination and primary language acquisition skills need to be learned, otherwise they are lost. There have been several case studies in which adolescent children have been found without having been socialized or with language skills. Her name is Genie (feral child). She never was able to fully learn a language or proper emotional control. Wikipedia has an article about the Feral child that documents many cases of feral children and the results of being raised apart from children. They tend not to reintegrate well.

What makes a great and satisfying life?

the world and control the world like politicians, big banks, big criminals, cruel powerful people. But if you understand the rules of lives clearly then you can spread goodness and positivity in the world and become successful and achieve the goals of our lives. If you are not feeding your mind with good things then you can't

Can advanced technology create a utopian society?

One of the central ideas of my book is that technology is not destiny. Everything depends on the choices that we make as a society. For example, you can read a lot in the press right now about ‘robots taking our jobs'. There are some academics who believe that 40–50% of all jobs will be taken by robots in

I saw Thanos fighting with the Avengers in comics. Who will really win in that fight?

It depends. Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet and I get to cherry pick my Avengers.Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Wonder Man, Gilgamesh, Sentry, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Ares, Black Bolt. All at full power. All at the same time. No grand standing, no one on ones, just an ugly, vicious unheroic beat down.The entire rest