Can Windows 8 be installed on a Linux-based OS?

Yes, very easily.

Install VirtualBox on your Linux PC, and then install Windows 8 on a virtual machine inside VirtualBox. You should be able to get it from any Linux software repository, and it works very well as long as you have a reasonably new computer and enough RAM to allocate for your virtual Windows installation.

If you want to run Linux but have to run Windows software occasionally, this is the way to do it without the hassle of setting up a dual-boot with Windows.

You cannot install and OS within an OS.  You may however run several OS within any OS using virtual machine.
What electric cars do you know?

I know a fair amount about Tesla cars, having driven Model 3 and Model S, as well as following Tesla news and participating in Tesla online forums since 2016. I've written some articles about this on my blog.Electric vehicles | Blog or Die!I also follow Bjorn Nyland on YouTube and the Fully Charged channel.

What are interesting open data projects in data analysis or science?

This is a very open ended question, are you searching for a project for yourself to learn and prove skills or finding the problems currently pushing technology as researchers try to solve them?Machine vision has a lot of promise. Multiple companies are funding large research groups to improve self driving cars to pass

Is Apple becoming more like Microsoft?

I don't think so. It's really Apple becoming more like Apple. If you think about the history of the Macintosh and Apple, nothing here is any different than their business tactics in the past. All that really is different, is the incredible profitability