Can a 62 year old man get fit?

Absolutely. YES.

My name is Mansour Ansari. I am 62 and I am very fit and healthy. Allow me to share my humble journey.

I work the computer field and I run a small software company in Oklahoma City, OK, USA (Android Development). When I am not busy working the projects at the home office, I train with weights in my garage gym. I have been lifting weights for 6 years going to 7 now. I love my lifestyle of weightlifting. It keeps me super fit, satisfied and keeps depression miles away. I intend to continue this journey for the rest of my days.

Weightlifting is hard and tough business and demands discipline, determination and long term planning. It is the Lifestyle. The Big Payoff!

If you are healthy (certified only by a Medical Doctor ), you should consider following my lifestyle. Don't expect to lift big loads anytime soon but you can build up to it. It takes time.

See my recent pictures below. I train alone in my garage. This may look like self-promotion but these are snapshots of my lifestyle and I am okay with some self-promotion. I work hard for it!. I Deserve It.

I am 62 but I am much younger physically.

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DO NOT APPLY BAKING SODA ON YOUR FACE.Baking soda has a massively alkaline pH. It will damage and denature proteins and lipids found naturally in your skin. That squeaky clean feel you get after putting it on your face? That's not cleanliness, that's damage. You're damaging your skin, literally. You won't realize it if you

How to motivate myself again

Take a session with a psychologist specializing in burn out. The average employed person , regardless of all social identifications, is 7 years. You are right on target. Go with the gut that is telling you something you do not want to know. Seek an opportunity in your field. Or continue