Can a GPS tracking device work without SIM card? What is the principle on which it works?

Absolutely a GPS can work without a SIM card. Actually the GPS and the SIM don't have any overlap in what they do in a device. The GPS receiver calculates a position. But the GPS receiver is just a receiver, it cannot send information. That's where the mobile phone technology comes in. Sometimes that requires a SIM card but it can also be accomplished with certain components that negate the need for a SIM card while still sending data via a mobile phone network. At my company, Telemetry Solutions, we build GPS receivers that use various radio technologies to send GPS location information from the device to the users. We also use satellite modems to transmit GPS location information globally.

Can I file a case against my girlfriend who got married recently, as we have been in a relationship for six years?

What kind of case would you want to file?She is an adult, she has the right to marry anybody she wants. Just because you both might have been in a relationship, doesn't give you any right to marry her.She may have betrayed you and married somebody else, but in all practicality, you have no cause of action.

How can a lean guy reduce excessive chest fat?

So you have man boobs? It is possible that you think you are leaner than what you actually are. If you have man boobs you are more than likely overweight. If not you have breast tissue more than likely caused by some type of hormonal imbalance. Check with your Dr as it may require surgical

Should I buy or rent heavy equipment?

The buying or renting of construction equipment depends on the following :1. Current financial situationThis seems like the most obvious factor to consider – do you currently have the capital to buy or is renting a better option for now? But you should look