Can a North Indian girl marry a South Indian boy?

Let me tell you something :-

• South Indian Boys are Humans, not Animals.

• They are common Man, not Primitive Man.

• They live in houses , not in Caves.

• They have all organs of body, not Organ deficient.

• They have Fellings, thoughts , they are not Robots.

• They have their own living style, Culture, Customs not of others

why not ???

When a muscle group runs out of glycogens, can glycogens from another muscle group be somehow transferred to the muscle group that demands the most? For example, do glycogens from upper body muscles be transferred to lower body muscles when cycling?

The reason that glycogen cannot be transferred from one muscle to another is that when it is made into individual glucose units that are fed into glycolysis is that each glucose unit is linked to a phosphate group [glucose-1 phosphate] which makes it impermeable to

What was the first thing that made you realise that your child was artistic?

My youngest son helped my sand and stain some stairs at my Moms and he wanted to spot different stain colors on the same step.. It actually looked really good and unique.. Had it been my house I would have gone with his idea because it was so different

My husband makes me feel loved only after we argue. What should I do?

you have to find out if it's the passion that's making him act right or fear. Once you find out you need to communicate genuinely what these fights are doing to you, how they make you feel and give him an ultimatum. what are the fights about? does he pick