Can a average size 15 year old get a big muscular chest?

Most definitely YES! When you are 15 years old you are in the middle of puberty and awash with anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. You will respond very well to weight training and any other form of physical exercise. I would recommend a balanced training program including compound lifts which exercise multiple muscles at the same time such as squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, pull ups , overhead presses, bench presses. You can work out 3 or 4 days per week, taking at least 48 hours between each session. Make sure you eat enough calories. If you are not overweight you should eat a caloric excess. When you eat about 25–30 grams of protein it stimulates muscle protein synthesis in an all or nothing hormonal response, so make sure to eat plenty of protein. Working out is only part of the equation. As part of the stress-recovery-adaptation cycle your muscles will develop micro-tears after training, and they will grow when you rest and consume enough protein and calories. So train hard and pay attention to rest and diet, and you will soon see improvements.

Why is everyone criticizing Shah Rukh Khan nowadays?

The criticism seems to fall into two paths. For his professional life, or for his personal character. And there are different reasons for both.For the professional life, he is seen as being lazy, relying too much on his fandom and popularity to carry his films, and bringing down

How to approach my crush

First year, B tech.Winters..I had a crush on a girl. Let me disguise her with a name Amayra.So Amayra and I used to go to the same coaching, same timings, and same batch. It was quite obvious we used to choose the same route every day.One day

Which common misconception is the most dangerous?

1 that all Muslims are terrorists2 that Jews are all money loving conspirators3 guns and knives make us safe4 non medical drugs and alcohol are the best things in life.5 My having a higher income or bigger or more expensive car, house makes me better than you.6 that no woman is