Can a bankrupt live permanently in another country?

Generally, to get a permanent residence permit, you either have to have a valid job offer, or have enough proven resources to support yourself and any dependents living with you.

If you have a job offer, your residence permit will usually be limited to however long the company keeps you employed, or you find a new employer that is willing to sponsor your stay. Your status may be altered by marrying a local.

If you are planning on getting a residence permit on your own, the government website will usually lay out what amount of income is required for you to be considered for a residence permit. Some countries also offer residence by having a certain amount of money to invest in a business. Again, check the government website for information.

Another source would be local lawyers who work on residence permits. They are up to date on the newest laws. They know exactly what paperwork you need, and how to submit it. They also have contacts within the government departments that can facilitate your paperwork.

If you don't have legal issues, which do not let you obtain (legally) the permanent residence permit of another country, you are free to move. What you did with your money and business in another country has nothing to do with your life in a totally different jurisdiction. Any case, you will have to open a new bank account and start a new credit history.

If World War I had never happened, what would the map of Europe look like today?

If Austria-Hungary managed to isolate Serbia without declaring a war, WWI could have been evaded although civil war might happen later as the various inter-ethic relations within the habsburg realm became serious and they were influenced by nationalism within europe.Hungary might succeed from the austrian empire if it became federalize according to the model of the

Why would an atheist go to Mecca?

I have no idea; Saudi Arabia has made it quite clear that if you're not a Muslim, you're not welcome in Mecca, to the extent where they've even constructed special roads to keep us out of the city.

Have you ever loved someone you know absolutely nothing about?

I loved a girl who was my classmate back in my 9th standard. I know nothing about her and I barely talked to her when I was in 9th. I didn't love her then and when I moved to 10th my friends started spreading rumours that we both are in a