Can a brother and sister get married in Islam?

If you read closely all the answers from these Islamic readers you will get two things. One: You may not marry your sister of your mother or father. Two: You may marry your sister or brother if the father has not married the mother. So, of we look at this closely we will find the following. Man A marries woman B. She has a son. Man A sleeps with woman C and she has a daughter. There is no marriage and therefore, if man A wanted to marry his daughter he could do so. Also, if man A's son wants to marry his sister from woman C he may, because his father and her mother was never married. Even in Mose's law, it says that a man should not have sex with his sister. Under Jewish law, if he marries his sister, then he and she is cast out of the family. He loses all of his birth rights, while she still remains a part of the family, or able to say she is the daughter, while he has no one and cannot be helped by his family. Under Jewish law, if you are the eldest son and marry your sister, then you would really be in trouble, but you would be married.

What are some things foreigners believe about the United States but aren't actually true?

Why the poor in America are so fat? -common question I've encountered in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and England. This is an extremely complex issue, and I'm no social scientist. There apparently may be a connection between obesity and low income households among children and white women, but no such correlation has been found

How are these so called fitness YouTubers who impart false knowledge are still able to get more subscribers even after being exposed by learned professionals?

I think the reason behind this is people looking for short-cuts. Most of the people do not want to learn how to lose fat or build muscle. They do not want to keep a track of how much calories, protein etc they

Are there any detoxes that help lose weight tremendously?

Before i answer this, i need to specify the two kinds of weights our body has-Fat weightWater weightWater weight-When we eat salt in excess, the excess salt produces a lot of water (the more spices we eat, the more digestive juices