Can a girdle help with weight loss?

No. Wearing a girdle is just a band-aid solution that doesn't work.
  1. Sweating will only make you lose water and salt, not body fat, and this weight loss is just an insignificant amount and temporary. You will regain the water and salt (by extension, the weight) the moment you eat and drink again.
  2. Athletic people don't use girdles to maintain health, even when losing the very few remaining fat. (If girldes were effective, people should have been using them to have abs.)
  3. You cannot increase your base metabolic rate (BMR) by doing nothing. To increase metabolism, you have to do cardio (e.g., High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and lift weights.
  4. You cannot even out-exercise a bad diet. In the end, you have to follow a diet that is close to how our ancestors ate thousands of years ago, similar to Low Carb High Fat Diet/Paleo Diet.
For those who will disagree with this, show me someone who lost weight just by wearing girdles, while not changing diet, physical activity, and sleep patterns.
What are tips and tricks to look better in photos?

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No one wants to be the villain. It doesn't matter how horribly they acted, being guilty is a bad feeling and it makes it much easier to just pin that guilt onto someone else. If a person is emotionally manipulative and abusive,