Can a great physique be attained through workout at home without the help of a trainer?

I don't know what is your ideal of a "great physique" so I am going to assume you're looking to get lean at around 10 percent body fat with decent muscle mass. If that's not your goal don't proceed reading further.

Now, getting lean and bulking requires you to have a balanced, macro nutrient rich diet high in protein intake (which is a completely different and very dispersed topic to cover here). And, coupled with that you need to put your muscles through tension. A lot of tension.

A gym helps with the latter. But, being honest here, it's very difficult to set up your own gym at home. Benches, bars, barbells, dumbells and free weights enough to keep you challenged and motivated. It's quite an investment. I'd suggest you to instead step outside the house a little bit and go for calisthenics.

How to make better use of my time

Solve this puzzle.If you can do it, you'll be considered a creative genius. If you can't, well, you'll learn an invaluable lesson that'll save you HOURS of valuable time.You ready?Alright. Do this now: take out a piece of paper and draw 9 dots to form a 3x3 square. It should look like this:

I'm 13. How can I get fit at home?

I am going to give you the names of some young guys on a YouTube to follow who can help you. You do not need a gym. No one really needs a gym. YOUR body is your gym. It would be good if you could

What are the best solutions for non-surgical weight loss?

You can lose weight but dont look at instant results as there are no healthier alternatives to hard work and diet, which takes time to provide effect. Please note that weight management is a combination of diet and exercise with around 80% contribution coming from diet and remaining from Exercise.Firstly, please