Can a lion survive without eating for two years?

I think it can last up to three to four days with out any of those things

  1. The simple answer is no, lions cannot survive without eating food for a month leave aside 2 years . Food provides them with proteins and energy which necessary in the Wild.
  2. Nope. Lions generally feel compelled to eat every few days. Even hibernating mammals, which make metabolic adjustments to slow energy loss, could not survive a year without food. Something like a big cat would waste away and die long before two years is up!

What would a silicon-based life form look like?

Do you mean Silicon (Si)? Silicone is rubbery!If I had to guess I would say that a Silicon, which is the 2nd most abundant material on the planet after carbon-which is what we are made of, probably would look and act like a semiconductor chip!Just look at

What are your comments on the claims by Dr. Ellis Silver that humans were put on earth by aliens?

I honestly think this book is a decoy, a probe of sorts.. An experiment to see whether the idea is accepted and how far do people take it.What mystifies me is that there are some truths in it that are not common knowledge and I can't

What are the requirements to be saved in your religion or belief?

To any true Christian, to be saved you have to believe that Jesus is God come in the flesh and that He rose from the dead. You also have to follow the teachings of Christ."Jesus said to him, 'I am