Can a person clear the civil services exam through self study of a year?

A person can clear the civil services exam through self study every year aspirants clear in first attempt they are also a person only .

Now civil services is not any other competition exam . If you clear this exam the platform that you get you cannot get in any other exam . It is no ordinary competitive exam .

Now in order to clear it you need to develope an analytical mindset .Without this you cannot crack the exam . Some of my friends try to mug up and they think that they will clear by mugging it up.

Please dont try to mug it up , rather understand it , enjoy it and apply it . Indian polity , economy , geography , science , try to develope an analytical mindset for all these subjects rather than cursing yourself and mugging it up. You should look at every news article from an analytical perspective dont just read the newspapers analyse each and every issue from all angles . This will help you clear this exam .

Now if you want to develope an analytical mindset you first need to read books that will help you with this approach .

You ought to focus on hindu, yojana, indian express other current issue sources may 2016 - nov 2017 in case you are getting ready for mains in 2017.

This is the case for mains be it economy , polity , science , geography.Now some books cover these sources for economy - March of the indian economy by Heed Publications it will help you with building your basics and what's more present endeavors on the previously stated sources and timetable

You can moreover go for mihra puri or dutt and sundaram yet these are not of much regard as they are not overhauled .

Economy - March of indian economy - I.C dhingra - Heed Publications

Geo-Leong - oxford productions + environment - K.siddhartha

spectrum publications - Morrdern india +Art and culture - NIOS

Science - NCERTS

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