Can a person drink too much water in a day and how much is too much?

Hyponatremia is caused by an excessive amount of water in the blood system, causing the relative level of sodium to drop drastically and forcing the cells of the body to gorge in water. That's a cause for mayhem.

However, bear in mind that the average human kidneys can process through 5.3 to 7.4 Gallons of the life-giving and healing crystal fluid, say 20 to 28 liters.

The rest depends on, the time of the day, the weather, your level of physical activity, your diet, meal schedules, and overall health. In addition, course how you are pacing your hydration.

I just severely (though temporarily) injured my ankle. What are my options for cardio exercise?

Keep in mind that cardio doesn't have to be running/biking/swimming/anything else along those lines. While those are the main exercises to keep your cardiovascular fitness up, your key intention is to keep your heartrate at 85% MHR (max heart rate) while you're working on cardio - as opposed to 65-70% MHR when you're trying to burn

What's the best morning routine for getting fit?

We all know how much stress people lay in having a morning routine. But what is it actually that is to be done? No one goes in depth about that!The First thing is to stretch your arms in the bed and lay there with your eyes open (or else you will

What's a quick cardio exercise I can do every morning to help improve my fitness?

Google: ‘peak 8 exercise'. read the links that show up on the first two pages, as well, watch the videos that pop up. (both of them are two-parters, both parts of each are worth watching).But, you don't want to do this everyday. No more than 3x a week.. with one day