Can a plaintiff from a civil trail (of personal injury) be charged of perjury if she was not being honest or gave false statement of her past medical history which had something to do with her current injury as a result of the MVA?

Short answer, yes.

It is a matter of great importance that the plaintiff does not recover damages from the defendant from a past injury or medical condition that was not the defendant's fault.

HOWEVER, the courts take people as they find them. For example, let's say that a person WAS injured severely in a prior accident, and that the defendant in a LATER civil suit caused further injury to the plaintiff that WORSENED the prior injuries or condition of the plaintiff. Then-although the defendant had nothing to do with what caused the prior injuries-the defendant can be held liable for negligence that resulted in the aggravation of injuries previously sustained.

The only time the plaintiff would benefit from withholding medical information would be if the recent injuries were totally unrelated to the prior injuries, and did not aggravate the prior injuries.

So, if you T-bone somebody who had 28 broken bones from a previous accident, and you made those injuries worse, you'd be on the hook for all the pain, suffering, loss of income, loss of conjugal rights, etc., etc., that resulting from your actions that worsened those prior injuries.

The court takes people as they find them!

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