Can a regular guy/girl who just do basic calisthenics training everyday beat a fitness male/female model? If so, what does it take for a regular person to become as strong as they are?

Remember ,a fitness guy or girl ,not only know what they can do ,but also know what you cannot do . And you don t know what they can do ,and not sure of what you can do. In such a situation it is wise to make friends with the person and do other things that both of you can do to get closer ,than fight ,get black and blue all over ,and ruin the wonderful romance of getting closer together.

Why don't European Christians name their children after Jesus?

This trend is, I think, an artifact of how English Bibles are translated.In English Bibles, we write the name of the 6th book of the Old Testament as "Joshua," transliterated from Hebrew, while the name of the Son of Man is written

Fitness: How do I get a body like Lupita Nyongo without going to the gym? You will not have to go to a gym, but you will have to work. After a quick glance at Lupita's physique, it is clear that she exercises to maintain her toned body, particularly her flat tummy. My suggestion is to avoid the

What is the keto diet and who is it meant for?

I think you may be referring to a Keto Diet. Typically these diets are high in fat some protein and reduced carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet allows about 70 to 80 percent fat, about 5 percent carbohydrates (which equates to about