Can a salaried employee be forced to work weekends?

Yes, assuming you consider the threat of termination of employment to be force. That's perfectly legal in every jurisdiction I'm familiar with - but I've lived my entire life in the United States, where labor laws tend to be more employer-friendly than in most industrialized countries. It might not be true in some places.

Assuming you mean literally forced, as in a gun to the head: Still yes. That's illegal, of course, but the question was "Can a salaried employee be forced to work weekends?" and not "Is it legal to force a salaried employee to work weekends?"

What is it like being on the keto diet?

The best answer is that Keto is a lifestyle, not just a diet. You must learn to cook with the right oils, select the right vegetables and fruits and you must learn to avoid all products made with flour (other than coconut or almond flours).Of course, all products made with any type of

What are some exercises I can do while working?

If working long hours in office is eating away your exercise time, don't worry. Make the most of your time.Exercises you can do while in the office;ClenchesClench your bullock and hold for ten seconds. Do five sets of eight reps. And

How to stay healthy (see description)

Male or female ? - Anyways it doesn't matterI WON'T SAY ANYTHING NEW WHICH YOU ARE EXCEPTING BECAUSE THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS - IT DEPENDS ON YOU. just a quote for you -TRAIN YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY WILL FOLLOW.I think you know the obvious answer ---- exercise!Fitness can be broadly divided into two parts - Mental and